Eurovision 2019 pe Twitter

Acea agora virtuală numită Twitter nu s-a dezminţit în privinţa umorului nici cu ocazia Eurovisionului din 2019, deşi poantele au fost parcă mai agresive ca altă dată, după cum puteţi citi mai jos:

Is it an Eurovision tradition for the presenters to be cringey?

Extra points for having the balls to sing on the eye of Sauron (despre Albania).

Is there any truth in the rumour that based on recent poll results that Russia will get 130% in the UK public vote?

Denmark. Apparently the failed stockbroker look is de rigeur.

North Macedonia kind of reminds me of airplane food, bland and quite shite.

Belarus is such a poor country their staging is literally just the boxes they brought their shit over in Eurovision.

Lucius Malfoy out there living his best life after letting go of Voldemort (despre Franţa).

Everyone hoping on the Italy meme. Now, now, guys, we all know you’re suicidal, but save it for when your country does shit in the votes.

Looks like Serbia got that jewellery from Wokanda.

Get to the bloody voting, I’ve £25 on Grande Bretagne NIL Points.

And the twelve bombs go to Palestina.

Someone in Russian cyber-hacking bureau is in for the gulag.

UK last in the Eurovision Song Contest . Time for a referendum on Songexit I reckon.

I don’t even like Eurovision, why did I get so invested?

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