Eurovision 2018 pe Twitter

Twitter-ul a fost resuscitat de Donald Trump, insa momentul cand atinge zenitul este in noaptea Eurovisionului, iar 2018 n-a facut exceptie, asa ca iata inca o editie de colectie de poante adunate de peste aceasta retea sociala, sa aveti ce face pana imi redactez mazgaliturile proprii din timpul concursului:

Nobody cares how deep the lyrics of your ballad are. We wanna see lit shit. We want Russian grandmas baking cookies on stage, we want gays, we want strippers. That’s what Eurovision is REALLY about.

If Ireland doesn’t give us 12 points, they can fuck off thinking they’ll get any sort of Customs arrangement. (un englez)

I love how memeable Eurovision is.

Hello to all our friends in Europe. Please vote for Ireland. We’re not in World Cup this year and we could really do with a win.

If by some fluke Britain were ever to win and we had to find someone dull to do this interval music while votes are counted, it’d be Ed Cocking Sheeran wouldn’t it?

This interval section of Eurovision is the exact feeling of sitting in a club at 1 AM, wishing you were at home while all your wasted mates dance to shit music.

So 50% of the Eurovision vote comes from you on the phone, 50% from each country’s panel and the other 50% from Putin.

I hope that microphone thief is given the maximum penalty, which I presume is being forced to listen to Lithuania’s song on loop for eternity.

You don’t know cringe until you watch Eurovision presenters attempt comedy.

I hate this time in the Eurovision. Waiting for the voting. It’s like the time between getting the „we need to talk” text, and being told why you’re such a shitbag who needs to be dumped.

GDPR must have peaked. My husband just asked: “Wait, isn’t this Eurovision vote a massive data collection of phone numbers?!”. Yes, yes it is. (Bravo, Gabi!)

Cyprus is absolutely the girl who starts drama on a night out and ends up crying in the Uber home about how everyone is just jealous of her.

Next year we should send a Brexiteer and let them sit there as Europe shout WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU at them for 40 minutes.

Three things are certain in life – death, taxes and Greece and Cyprus giving each other 12 points.

Russia making their intentions clear with Moldova after sending them 12 points. I’d be afraid.

Can I enter Eurovision 2019 with a „Free Palestine” ballad?

I bloody love Eurovision with unbridled joy, not least because it reminds me the world makes no sense and it’s important to know that.

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