Eurovision 2021 pe Twitter

Mulțumescu-ți, Twitter, că, după doi ani de inactivitate, nu mi-ai dezactivat contul și m-am putut bucura din nou de încântător de comica agoră virtuală care însoțește orice ediție de Eurovision. Iată câteva poante prinse între ascultarea unor melodii despre care vă voi relata de îndată ce stăpânul nostru, Timpul, ne-o va permite:

Malta: “What if we just write a really really really good song and don’t do anything weird?” Rest of Eurovision: „…you mean that’s allowed?”.

Disappointed by Portugal’s lack of a glittery silver bodysuit. Did they not get the memo?

We would like to go on record and state that the UK song is actually very very good (we will delete this tweet when we get nil points).

Germany… you have completely surprised me. You DO have a sense of humour. I mean… this was a joke right? Right?

Germany’s entry is like having coffee poured into your eyes while someone shouts JUST CHEER UP at you.

Nothing but respect for Bulgaria’s outfit, we haven’t taken our pyjamas off all year either.

Dammit, Lithuania’s tune is invading my mind – it’s like being hypnotised by a bunch of bananas.

Ukraine was really really terrible – they might win it.

San Marino obviously had several passionate, conflicting conversations about costume direction and then decided “all of them”.

Be warned; if you drink and drive after Eurovision, you may end up with more points than the United Kingdom.

The fact we literally buy our entry into Eurovision every year just to come last is just so British.

0 votes from the pros, 0 votes from the public. Never been prouder.

(Deși eram adormit 90%, momentul când s-a anunțat asta m-a trezit și m-a amuzat de n-am mai putut pune geană pe geană vreo oră – n.m.).

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